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Soul Shack Sisters Podcast

Solution-Based talks about life and the real issues that we face along our journey. Finding our purpose discovering our WHY and helping lift each other up together. SOUL SHACK SISTERS is all about bridging the gap that keeps us disconnected from our true self are SOULself. 

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About the Host: 

Tonya De'laine

Tonya is a woman on a mission to help other women who have lost their way through addiction and other forms of identity sabotage, RECOVER and RISE. Tonya is a certified yoga instructor, health & wellness coach, and Ayurveda Consultant. She sees you; she understands you because she is YOU. Her Mantra? "Speak to Heal"  After discovering the power of the PAUSE, she was able to restore her CLARITY, regain her voice, finally start speaking her truth, and best yet, realize her true purpose on this planet.   HELPING other women do the same! In her upcoming book "It's Not about the Banana," a 5 step Guide to Stop Living Other Peoples LIES and Start Living your Truth, Tonya developed a proven strategy to take back HER power and RECLAIM the life she was born to LIVE, and she wants to help you do the same. Her message is clear through her Podcasts, Coaching Programs, Courses, Workshops, and upcoming Books, and Journals. You are worth the SPACE. It's time to step back into the role you were born to play!   

Empowering YOU!

xoxxo Tonya De'laine

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