Is your Emotional Diet TOXIC to your Mental Health?

An Emotional Diet is everything we encounter in our day that we consume, digest, and process. What you watch, what you listen to, who you surround yourself with, and what you speak, think, and eat are all part of your emotional diet. As you evolve and become more awakened to your True Self, you will discover you need to change your diet. What used to satisfy you may start to cause you major heartburn and indigestion physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Understanding how your environment affects your emotions will give you the clarity you need to set healthy boundaries and empower YOU. 

When we suppress our feelings, our emotional body holds onto the stress, unable to process and digest it.  Over time we develop anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, and other health issues making us feel even worse.  We feel STUCK because the energy we are holding within has become stuck.  

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This journal is your Training Coach to help strengthen your Emotional Fitness. In the book "It's Not About the Banana" The 5-Step Method to Stop Living Other People's Lies and Start Living Your Truth, we learned that Emotional Fitness is key to Recovery from Identity Sabotage.

It’s all about Emotional Fitness.

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Inside you'll find three months' worth of: 

  • Quotes
  • Meditations
  • Affirmations
  • Daily Writing Prompts
  • Emotional Fitness Exercises (all mental with little sweat involved)
  • Spot Check Assessments
  • Love Notes
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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Emotions?

When we can control our emotions, instead of allowing our emotions to control us, we begin to find clarity, gain a true sense of self-worth, stop apologizing for how we feel, and show up in the world. When we replace “why is this happening to me” with “what is this trying to teach me,” we slowly shift our mindset from a victim mentality to a victor mentality.

Emotions are the ultimate resource for growth. The patterns of your emotions dictate your life. What we experience and the emotions linked to that experience directly reflect our life as it is today.


Each day you are given an Emotional Fitness Exercise, which includes a Themed Quote, Affirmation, and Meditation.


We begin by setting an Intention for our day, then pay attention to our actions to ensure they are in alignment.

Throughout the day, you will find space to free write and reflect on your emotional diet.


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