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3 Month Emotional Fitness Program


  • One-on-One Training (twice monthly)
  • Establish your Emotional Baseline
  • Reset Your Preset
  • Recover from Unsafe Beliefs
  • Identify and Learn Healthy Boundaries w/ Emotional Response Support
  • Emotional Diet Detox
  • Establish a Healthy Emotional Fitness Daily Routine

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This 90-Day Journal is packed full of Empowerment Quotes, Affirmations, Meditations, and Emotional Fitness Exercises.  

Inspired by the book "It's Not About the Banana," this journal guides you on how to find your Baseline and strengthen your Emotional Fitness while promoting Self-worth and Love. 

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One-on-One Training Calls

You will receive TWO 1-hour training video calls a month over the course of the 3 Month Program. 

Reset your Preset

In our sessions, we will establish your emotional baseline by identifying your unsafe beliefs. 

Emotional Response Support

Identify and Understand the 4 Emotional Response Types,

1. Project

2. Protect

3. Deflect

4. Redirect

We will work together to reduce our misplaced Emotional Discharge.

Learn how to strengthen our Emotional Fitness Response in our daily lives.

Create new pathways in our brains to support new experiences and positive growth. 

Review Emotional Fitness Journal

Apply knowledge and understanding of the Identity Sabotage Cycle and how the space between Thought and Behavior is where our Emotional Fitness Power lies.   

Emotional Detox Diet

Together we will review daily practices to discover where our emotional diet needs detoxing. 

Through one-on-one training, we will develop an emotional detox cleanse and create a healthy Emotional Fitness Routine to promote balance and clarity Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually.  

Contact Tonya De'laine

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about our Emotional Fitness Program.  

You may email me directly at [email protected]

I look forward to working with you soon!

Love & Ignite your Light,

Tonya De'laine