Tonya is a woman on a mission to help others who have lost their way through addiction and other forms of identity sabotage, RECOVER and RISE. Tonya is a Published Author, Emotional Fitness Trainer, certified yoga instructor, and Ayurveda Consultant.

She sees you; she understands you because she is YOU.

Her Mantra? "Speak to Heal"  

After discovering the power of the PAUSE, she was able to restore her CLARITY, regain her voice, finally start speaking her truth, and, best yet, realize her true purpose on this planet, HELPING others do the same!

In her debut book, "It's Not About the Banana," a 5 step Guide to Stop Living Other People's LIES and Start Living your Truth

Tonya developed a proven strategy to take back HER power and RECLAIM the life she was born to LIVE, and she wants to help you do the same. Her message is clear through her Podcasts, Coaching Programs, Courses, Workshops, upcoming Books, and Journals. You are worth the SPACE. It's time to step back into the role you were born to play!   

After years of struggling with stress, anxiety, and addiction, Tonya decided to take control of her life and heal her body from the inside out. She became a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach, and an Ayurveda Consultant. Now she uses the same powerful techniques to help others find true inner peace and strength.  Many struggle in life, feeling alone and lost.  Her Emotional Fitness Practice brings clarity to your purpose, helps you identify your roadblocks, and finally removes the obstacles that have kept you feeling stuck.     

It's Not About the Banana!

The 5-Step Method to Stop Living Other People's Lies and Start Living Your Truth.

It's not our bad habits, failed diet attempts, addictions, or toxic relationships that are the problems.

It's our unsafe beliefs about ourselves that keep us from seeking more of what we think we deserve.

Dump the diets, remove the labels, and free yourself from your matrix mind. It's Not About the Banana is a book for those seeking "their truth".

The biggest lie we tell ourselves when we don't reach a goal or obtain something we want in life is to say that we "self-sabotage".

Self-sabotage implies we know ourselves. If we truly knew ourselves, we would know that we are incapable of sabotage. We have become so disconnected from our truth that we don't realize how powerful, deserving, and worthy we are.

Identity-sabotage is more appropriate. The true identity of our spiritual being has been sabotaged.

It's Not About the Banana: The 5-Step Method to Stop Living Other People's Lies and Start Living Your Truth takes listeners on a spiritual healing journey of inner reflection to recover from identity-sabotage and gain clarity, empowerment, and emotional fitness to reclaim their lives.

Are you ready to uncover the lies you tell yourself or choose to believe as your truth, identify your unsafe beliefs, face your fears, halt your excuses, and remove the self-doubt that prevents you from living your best authentic self, your "soulself?"

Let's peel back the banana and discover the real meaning behind your fears, anxiety, doubt, guilt, and shame to raise your voice, speak your truth, and, once and for all, unmute yourself!

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