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It's Not About the Banana!

The 5-Step Method to Stop Living Other People's Lies and Start Living Your Truth. 

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Recover from Identity Sabotage


Our identity has been sabotaged by Ego. The Ego is fueled by doubt, leaving us with a self-worth deficiency. This deficiency begins to crave what the Ego seeks, and we become addicted to feeding it. 

Too many people have been ignoring their Truths for too long, leading to toxic effects and burnout in their lives and holding them back from achieving their full potential. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BANANA provides a unique new method to help readers reclaim their Truth—and live the life they were meant to live!


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It's Time to Step Back Into the Role You Were Born to Play

with Power, Presence and Purpose!


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Peeling Back the Banana

Inside you will uncover...

  • The 5-Step Method
  • The Four Most Common Emotional Response Types
  • The Top 5 Unsafe Beliefs
  • The 5 Most Important Revealing Questions for Healing
  • How to strengthen your Emotional Fitness
  • The Top 10 Ego Response types


Recovery is all about Discovery 


I totally get why we avoid, run, deflect, or ignore the icky. It makes us uncomfortable. Who wants to feel uncomfortable? It's no wonder addiction is at an all-time high today. We are overly medicated with substances that only cover up the symptoms instead of doing the work to find the root cause of the condition.



My true identity was stolen and replaced with an imposter committing fraud daily. Every fraudulent transaction bought me a false sense of security that reinforced my unsafe beliefs. With my true self hijacked, I was subconsciously attempting to ensure I failed to allow another alibi as proof of my erroneous beliefs. 



“It's NOT about the Banana” is a new manual for living.

 A new way to see that YOU are NOT broken; you are just disconnected from your power source. This book is the outlet for you to plug into. 




About the Author,

Why I feel I am made to write this book comes from this simple Truth, I was born to share this message. Who better to talk about recovery from identity sabotage than someone who lived it? My purpose is to turn my mess into my message to connect with others struggling with similar challenges.

After struggling with addiction to alcohol, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, I turned to a solid spiritual practice that led me to influential teachers, guides, and gurus. Learning from them, I was able to develop my own inner healing gifts that have helped me recover and have helped thousands of others do the same. Applying my teaching in Yoga, Health Coaching, and Ayurveda (knowledge of life), I have created a holistic approach to living to Heal, Restore and Awaken our own inner intelligence.    

“After spending 25 years in survival mode, I ended up in a mental hospital. And while I had some clues as to why I ended up there, I didn’t understand how I became the person that belonged there.”

After having a "spiritual awakening" in the shower of that hospital, it came to me, 

"I had been living other people's lies, trying to make them fit into my story.

The truth was, it didn't fit because it wasn't meant to." 


In the book "It's Not About the Banana," The 5 Step Method to Stop Living Other People's Lies and Start Living Your Truth, Tonya De'laine takes her readers on a Spiritual Healing Journey of inner reflection to Recover from Identity Sabotage and gain ClarityEmpowerment and Emotional Fitness to reclaim their life.  

Using her proven unique 5-Step Method, Tonya helps readers find their power, presence, and purpose to lead them into a new life. She helps readers uncover the lies and unsafe beliefs we have been living as our Truth to take back our power and live life with passion. 


A Special Gift

Free Course with Purchase

The first-ever Soul Shack Sisters online course.  This course is based on the Podcast "Embrace the Uncomfortable & Get Triggered" that aired in 2021.  This Podcast was one of our most downloaded episodes and received an outpouring of requests that it be our first course to launch. 

Now more than ever, we need to face our fears, embrace what scares us and take a deeper dive within to uncover the obstacles that keep us stuck, prevent us from taking a chance on ourselves, and hold us back from realizing our fullest potential and purpose on this planet.  

This course will do all of the above and more. 

In this course, YOU will learn how to:  

  • Reset your Preset

  • Understand the Nervous System Condition
  •  Practice Pranayama Breathing to strengthen our Parasympathetic Nervous System.
  • Develop a Healthy Routine (5 to Thrive) 
  • Learn how to idle at a three while others are at a seven

  • Learn a powerful visualization meditation to uncover past stresses and release them
  • Turn your Triggers into Teachers through a powerful 6-step question process
  • Turn No's into YES's 


We have become programmed to deny our feelings and pretend that we are FINE, when in fact we are not fine.  The people, places, and things in our lives have created many scars deep within our nervous system that when provoked stir up undealt with emotions our mind-body can not digest.  Until Now!  

In this course, you will learn simple strategies on how to Embrace the Uncomfortable by lovingly accepting what it is that makes you uncomfortable.  For it is in these moments that the true lessons are learned.   When we face our fears or past hurts we allow ourselves the opportunity to heal from them and turn our triggers into teachers.     

In this course, you will discover your true power, and find the strength and courage to step into your space with purpose and passion. 

Let's get Growing! 

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True Healing is Dealing with our Feelings, not feeding them. 

  We have become addicted to changing how we feel by masking it with drugs, food, shopping, relationships, sex, etc. 

We are desperately searching for that one thing that will make us feel comfortable in our own skin.

“It's NOT about the Banana” provides connection and understanding to your unique yet common fears, pains, and trauma. A holistic prescription to reveal and heal from the ROOT cause of your symptoms.

Fear is the pathway to Faith. When we feel the fear but walk towards it anyways, we will be met with gifts beyond our wildest dreams. We will find strength where we once felt weak, blessings where there once was pain, and answers to the lessons we finally showed up to learn. 

You are absolutely capable of creating the life you can't stop thinking about.  It's planted in you for a reason. 

As Wayne Dyer so beautifully said, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change,”

This book gives the reader a new way to be seen, heard, and understood.

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Soul Shack Sisters Podcast

Episode: It's Not About Self-Sabotage

This podcast is dedicated to my new book, "It's Not About the Banana," The 5-Step Method to Stop Living Other People's Lies and Start Living Your Truth.

In this podcast, I read a chapter from the book titled, "It's Not About Self Sabotage."

The biggest lie we tell ourselves when we don't reach a goal or obtain something we want in life is to say that we "self-sabotage."

Self-Sabotage implies we know ourselves. Identity Sabotage is more appropriate. The true identity of our spiritual being has been sabotaged.