Emotional Fitness Bootcamp

Join us for a FREE One-Hour Emotional Fitness Bootcamp Online Webinar.  

The First Saturday of Every Month.

Starting at 11 AM PST

It's not our bad habits, failed diet attempts, addictions, or toxic relationships that are the problem.
It's our unsafe beliefs about ourselves that keep us seeking more of what we think we deserve.

Dump the diets, remove the labels, and FREE yourself from your matrix mind. 

The biggest lie we tell ourselves when we don't reach a goal or obtain something we want in life is to say that we "self-sabotage."

Self-Sabotage implies we know ourselves. If we truly knew ourselves, we would know that we are incapable of Sabotage. We have become so disconnected from our truth that we don't realize how powerful, deserving, and worthy we are.

Emotions are the ultimate resource for growth. The patterns of your emotions dictate your life. What we experience and the emotions linked to that experience directly reflect our life as it is today.

Your Emotional Fitness is more important than your emotional intelligence.  

During the 1 hour Bootcamp, we will: 

  • Teach you how to Establish YOUR baseline
  • Identity your Emotional Response Type
  • Address why your Emotional Diet is vital to your overall health
  • Introduce our Trademark Pending Emotional Fitness Journal Exercises that you can start using today! 

PLUS, just for registering, RECEIVE A FREE ONE-HOUR Emotional Fitness Training Call with ME!